Wheels and Deals Magazine was already a well-known publication in the Decatur market with their free magazine distributed virtually everywhere.  If you live in Decatur, you’ve seen one.
Wheels was looking to expand into the online marketplace to give their audience a new way to browse and submit.  They wanted an easy way for sellers and buyers to look at new vehicles and accessories for sale while keeping the same ‘call my number’ model of communication between them.

Project highlights

Search or Browse a Massive Inventory

Wheels and Deals has an enormous customer base with hundreds of vehicles being sold privately through their magazine monthly. The website needed a method for users to be able to search the inventory and a method to simply browse as if sifting through the magazine.

User Submitted Vehicles

Wheels also needed a way for users to submit their vehicles to sell. With the new website users could enter their item's information, upload photos, and pay online. Their vehicle would be posted online in minutes and published in the next magazine.

Robust Accounts for Users

Wheels Online users can create an online account which has some great features. Users can track the progress of their items, save other peoples items in their 'favorites,' and extend/upgrade their advertising packages.

Skills & technologies

Web Design
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